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Our Neighborhood

A collection of amenities such as grocery, shops, inviting restaurants and contemporary conveniences are all walking distance away.


Pizza Cafe

PNC Bank


And A Top 10 School District

Great Valley School District

Great Valley School District boasts rankings in the top 10 in the entire state and is in the top 1% ranking, nationally. It has a 14 to 1 teacher to student ratio and is one of the best teacher:student ratios in the entire state.

More than half of all students are enrolled in AP (Advanced Placement) courses in their high school education. Campuses for elementary, middle, and high school provide ample play and recreational areas with state of the art turf and other sports facilities.

Great Valley is an excellent choice for no-cost tuition that delivers top graduates and placements in Ivy League universities, private universities, and wonderful state universities throughout the country. Busing for all school chidlren in the district is available and in walking distance of The Royal Worthington!

More About Our Schools

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